QC Peer Group

The Alfa QC Peer Group is a web-based program that allows Alfa Wassermann chemistry analyzer users to enter their quality control results for the analytes and then compare their data to that of other peer group users.

The first 12 months are free of charge with purchase of an ACE Axcel® or ACE Alera®!

Why use Alfa QC?
  • Users have exclusive access to Alfa Wassermann’s inter-laboratory peer data
  • The peer group consists of a diverse laboratory community that utilizes the ACE instrument family

Advantages of submitting QC data to a peer group:
  • Ability to recognize trends or shifts in monthly QC testing
  • Increase confidence in reliability and precision
  • Improve proficiency testing outcomes
  • Demonstrate the accuracy of your testing

To access Alfa QC, please click here.

For more information or to sign up for Alfa QC, please contact (800) 220-4488 extension 166.