In order to ensure an optimal training course, we require specific supplies to be purchased prior to the beginning of the class.

For a new analyzer purchase, Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies supplies an ACE Installation Kit, which includes the following items: Level 1 and Level 2 Chemistry Control Kits, GEMCAL Reference Serum and Glucose Reagent, 1 kit of 3mL DiluQuik Pre-Filled Diluent Tubes, 1 kit of 5mL DiluQuik Pre-Filled Diluent Tubes, 3 mL and 5 mL volumetric pipettes and pipette pump.

The following list of General Lab Supplies and Reagents, Calibrators, Controls and Consumables are not included with the system and must be ordered through your distributor prior to training.

General Lab Supplies (Must be purchased separately, depending upon test menu)

☐ Reagent grade water (Type II or better (CLSI) Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water)
☐ Kimwipes® or other "lint free" wipes
☐ Sharpie® or similar permanent marking pens
☐ Volumetric pipettes: 1 mL (for LDL-D and TIBC)
☐ Adjustable pipettes: 100-1000 µL (for special tests and dilutions)
☐ Replacement disposable pipette tips as needed
☐ Household bleach (unscented)
☐ Disposable sample transfer pipettes: minimum 1.0 mL, maximum 3.0 mL
☐ Centrifuge for spinning down blood
☐ Alcohol preps, wipes or bottle
☐ Gloves
☐ Paper towels
☐ Clean plastic containers (like urine cups)
☐ Wood and/or cotton tipped applicator sticks
☐ Collection tubes

Reagents, Calibrators, Controls and Consumables

Decide which tests will be run and estimate required quantities. You will need at least one of each of the following to begin running the analyzer.

Routine Chemistries

☐ Refer to Alfa Wassermann catalog for specific tests and product numbers

Calibrators & Controls

☐ S1-33 - GEMCAL Reference Serum
☐ C1-4 - Level 1 Chemistry Control Kit
☐ C1-5 - Level 2 Chemistry Control Kit


☐ SA1021 - System Diluent
☐ ACD-2 - Cuvettes (at least 2 boxes)
☐ ACD-6 - Sample Cups
☐ ACD-3 - Seglets


☐ SA1029 - CAL A
☐ E1-2 - CAL B
☐ SA1027 - ISE Wash
☐ E1-3 - Reference Electrode Solution
☐ SA1028 - ISE Cleaning and
Sodium Electrode Conditioner

SA1020 - NS Diluent - Normal Saline
(required to run Total and Direct Bilirubin)
General Chemistry Linearity Set:
Audit MicroControls, Inc., Part #K701M-5
(not required for a re-training)
Also requires Volumetric Pipette 2 mL
(for Bilirubin reconstitution)

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